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Why Private Yoga Classes?

Private yoga classes are personalized sessions, designed to meet the practitioner where they are at this moment in time, and experience a practice based on what they are seeking. That can include one-on-one sessions, or sessions with a partner or friend, or even small semi-private groups.

To experience the true essence of yoga, and tap into the nectar of the practice, a practitioner might want to experience private yoga classes at least once at some point in their journey with the practice. I have students (of the practice) who regularly, sometimes weekly, enjoy private sessions. At the same time, I've also lead private classes - particularly in Costa Rica - for travelers and visitors, or people in early stages of their practice or their fist time trying yoga, who just wanted to enjoy a fun, well-balanced class in paradise, flowing to the sounds of nature. I know I have done my job when students walk away feeling they want to continue when back home, and begin exploring the practice with regular classes. In general, practitioners walk away from my sessions with a short flow of 3-5 postures, that they can then practice at home, at their convenience. But what can you experience during a private?

Getting the most from your Private Yoga Sessions.

The best way to experience privates is through a series of at least 3-5 classes. Why? During the first couple of sessions, the teacher is still becoming familiar with the unique physical structure of your body, and its abilities and limitations. At the same time, any imbalances are slowly uncovered (physical and otherwise) and the practice needs to be adjusted accordingly. Beginning with the 3rd session, we can really begin to tap into the nectar of the postures, and after around 5 sessions we've had a much better opportunity to customize and fine-tune the practice according to your needs, and what you might be looking for. And since the practice of yoga is ever-evolving, and, as the physical body begins to adjust, the practice needs to be adjusted accordingly with time. With that being said, many of my practitioners just want to treat themselves to a private class while traveling in paradise, and that's great as well! Just one private session - with an experienced teacher who specializes in private classes - can be a life-changing experience, and I highly recommend it.

So what about group classes? They certainly are a powerful way to journey with the practice, and they have their time and place. I myself still like to experience public group classes from time to time, especially when I travel, and I love connecting with the local Sangha and meeting like-minded practitioners around the globe. At the same time, and especially if you're practicing regularly and have been for a while, you want to invest in a few private sessions to help fine-tune your postures, uncover any imbalances, and, experience yoga the way it was meant to be, the way it was shared by the old Masters back in the days - through one-on-one sessions, sharing the light of yoga on person at a time.

Who are Privates for?

The answer is simple. Anyone looking to find balance, harmony, and well-being in their lives. Privates are designed to introduce the practitioner to the 8 limbs of yoga - the eight parts that make up the practice of yoga. That includes breath work and meditation, how to approach any asana (physical posture), and how to develop a self-guided home practice.

Are you planning on visiting Costa Rica in the near future? Imagine a personalized practice, surrounded by the Costa Rican jungle, a fresh breeze flowing through, as you move move to the sounds of nature. Treat yourself to a personalized yoga session in paradise! Most accommodations have beautiful open-air decks and yoga spaces, perfect for a private yoga class.

Book directly online here with us, or contact us for more info!

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