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Embark on a transformative journey
surrounded by the lush jungle of Costa Rica. Personalized open-air yoga classes, set against the soothing backdrop of ocean sounds, invite relaxation and inner peace. Specializing in private classes, events, and yoga retreats, we bring our sessions to your private villas and accommodations. From dynamic & invigorating practices to help find strength, over restorative practices infused with philosophical inquiry, to contemplative & meditation practices, with an invitation to be still, our trauma-sensitive classes cater to diverse preferences.
Elevate your well-being amidst Costa Rica's natural beauty with private classes, events & retreats with Pura Vida Yoga & Wellness.


Pure Life

The meaning goes beyond

it's simple translation.

For the people of Costa Rica,

it's the essence of life.

From a simple greeting, to an appreciation of gratitude -

even a farewell.

It's an invitation to

appreciate the fullness of life,

with all it's facets.

Just as Yoga invites us to live

from a place of Santosha - contentment.

Let go of everything,

and be with the present moment.

And, breathe.


Imagine a personalized open-air yoga practice surrounded by the exotic jungle of Costa Rica, soaking in the sounds of Nature, while relaxing, grounding and turning inward...
Private Yoga Class
1 hr 30 min
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