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Karin Ebner, Founder of Pura Vida Yoga & Wellness Retreats, is an international yoga teacher & holistic well-being consultant, and has been teaching throughout various locations in Costa Rica, the USA and Europe.
Her classes range from dynamic & invigorating practices to help find strength, over restorative practices infused with philosophical inquiry, to contemplative & meditation practices with an invitation to be still. She leads therapeutic and trauma sensitive classes, and offers sequencing that benefits the nervous system to find balance & harmony, on and off the mat. Karin offers unique classes for both beginners as well as seasoned practitioners to help explore new stages in their personal practice. 


Over the last decade Karin has also immersed herself in the studies of nutrition and holistic healing, as well as the Science of Ayurveda, and has helped transform lives as a Holistic Well-being Consultant. Karin shares that “To live a life rooted in well-being, we need to learn to practice fierce self-care to be able to counter the imbalances on this planet, so we can return to homeostasis and once again experience Svastha – complete health.” Karin offers guidance on simple practices we can incorporate into our daily lives, that help facilitate healing (on an emotional, mental, physical level & beyond), and bring harmony, balance and wellness into our lives.

But life hasn't always looked like this for Karin. An Austrian native, Karin took her first yoga class in 2001, while living in the USA, yet it wasn't until 2005 that she truly discovered the magic of a consistent yoga practice. For many years Karin was caught up in the rat race, running a successful business, which allowed her entrepreneurial spirit to flourish, but got her wrapped up in living a stressful, unhealthy life on the go. It was through the practice of yoga, which taught her to honor her own unique path, that she finally was able to hear her innermost call, and allow her Dharma to guide her. Yet, the greatest changes took many years to move through, and will always be a lifelong journey. Patience with oneself. Compassion for self, for others, and even for those who cause harm. And, all experiences serve as giant stepping stones, and teach us how to tap into the innate transformative power that resides within all of us. The purpose of humanity is to learn, to experience, to grow, to expand, to thrive. And ultimately, love is the answer.


Karin draws from the schools of Samkhya Yoga, and her inspirations have encompassed Patanjali's Yoga Sutras & the 8-limbed Path of Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga), the Upanishads and the Hero's Journey, as well as many other sacred texts and philosophies. More recently she began to also include the Tantric practices of the Vijnana Bhairava - the practice of centering awareness - to her studies, and is sharing it's teachings through Yoga Nidra classes. The power of the teachings of the Yogic Traditions, and how they can transform our lives, is immense. By sharing this light with others, one person at a time, we can transform life on this planet.


Karin ended up listening to her innermost call and found sanctuary in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where she now shares how to return to a life of balance and harmony, and hopes to inspire others to live a life rooted in well-being. She teaches private yoga classes, workshops and events, and helps people find their own way back to harmony through soulful yoga retreats in Costa Rica, as well as many other beautiful sanctuaries around the globe.


Coming up soon - first retreat since the global human re-treat: Yoga & Ayurveda in Costa Rica - How to re-emerge and live from a place of health, well-being and vitality!

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