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Yoga & Wellness Retreats

At Pura Vida Yoga & Wellness, we curate inclusive (not exclusive) retreats in beautiful sanctuaries around the globe. All are welcome! Join us as we travel the world through the lens of yoga, and immerse ourselves into fascinating and enriching cultures, while honoring sustainable travel, and respecting local customs & traditions. Each retreat is centered around a Bhavana (intention), with which we explore the yogic path, and how to incorporate the practices of yoga into our daily lives. Morning Sadhana (daily practices); afternoon gatherings, meditations and contemplations; wellness & spa days; adventures exploring the local live; nourishing, healthy & delicious cuisine; and plenty of time tapping into the healing benefits of mother Nature - that's just some of we offer at our retreats worldwide. Each retreat is unique, and we hope you will join us on a journey back to wholeness.

Upcoming Retreats

Image by Chelsea shapouri

Yoga & Ayurveda in Costa Rica

Rescheduled - Coming 2024 - Stay Tuned

Due to the global re-treat, we had to reschedule our Costa Rica Yoga & Ayurveda retreat. After an extensive search for a new retreat space that enables us to offer a truly life-changing experience, while honoring the authentic vibes of the small beach town of Santa Teresa, we are about to finally announce the dates for our 2024 retreat.  Imagine a week immersed in nature, surrounded by the sounds of the tropical jungle, overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. This intimate retreat holds up to 15 participants, and is located a 15 minute walk from the beach. Enjoy delicious Ayurvedic meals, daily yoga classes, and learn about the principles of Ayurveda and how they can easily be applied to everyday life. All that accompanied local artists playing local rhythms, sunset refreshments with amazing ocean views, beach walks, and nature hikes. Stay tuned for specific dates & location to be announced soon! For questions message us now!

Past Retreats

YokoVillage Presents
YokoConnect 2

Creating from a Place of Connection
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Like-minded thought-leaders from around the globe once again gather to connect and engage in inspiring dialogue, while being immersed in nature. Costa Rica once again sets the stage for a transformative gathering of entrepreneurs, creators and visionaries as we come together to be inspired, and create from a place of well-being.


This memorable event is designed to foster connections, share experiences, and embark on exciting adventures together. Indulge yourself in a captivating journey, where you can be part of dynamic conversations with influential leaders, who will be presenting speeches equal to the quality of Ted Talks. YokoConnect offers you the chance to immerse yourself in a stimulating environment filled with thought-provoking discussions led by a diverse range of international presenters. Take the opportunity to engage in discussions that will challenge your thoughts and expand your horizons.


For detailed information please visit the YokoConnect Blog.


YokoVillage Presents

Finding Well-being

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The tropical lands of Costa Rica provide the setting, as we come together and connect with like-minded innovators from around the globe, to inspire and be inspired to rise to new heights, and create from a place of well-being.In this 5-day immersive experience, entrepreneurs, visionaries, creators and incredible presenters will gather to engage in dialogue, share meals, and connect with nature. Hummingbird Garden in Santa Teresa will be the venue for this gathering, with beautiful ocean-view villas and homes with pools available for your stay walking-distance to the event space. You can decide on the level of privacy you need by choosing from private suites, or accommodations with shared facilities. YokoConnect is a retreat-style experience designed for participants to easily connect with each other throughout the event to share experiences, and enjoy adventures around the area.


Visit the events page for detailed info & sign up!

Discover Your Purpose

Yoga & Hiking in the Austrian Alps
Tirol, Austria

Join us on a week of hiking and yoga amidst the stunning Austrian Alps, as we journey through the 8 limbs of yoga - a path to awaken to our divine essence, which helps us live fully from a place of authenticity. Through this path, we can awaken to our true calling in life.​We'll be enjoying 7 nights at Alpenretreat, an authentic, 500 year old Manor House, that blends seamlessly into a mountain panorama of pine forests, jagged mountain peaks, fresh air, and crystal clear Alpine lakes. Message us for details! 

Beloved Yoga

Pura Vida Yoga & Wellness Retreat
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The vibration of the land of Costa Rica is magical, and we will use it as our backdrop to explore the philosophical limbs of the practice through the observance of the Yamas & Niyamas, guiding principles and keys to living life in harmony and peace. Enjoy a blissful week of daily yoga classes, long beach walks, relaxing by the pool, healthy cuisine, and optional activities such as massages, horseback riding, jungle hikes & more - or simply recharge at the amazing oceanfront retreat center Pranamar Villas. Co-facilitators Karin Ebner, Maryam Ovissi, and Geraldine Hardy guide a journey of self-discovery and healing. For details contact us!

Yoga & Surfing in Bali

A Journey of Discovery

Bali, Indonesia

A once in a lifetime experience exploring the best surf spots and hunting for perfect waves on the Bukit peninsula, surfing some of the best spots from Dreamland beach, over Padang Padang and Bingin, down to the Uluwatu surf break. Daily Yoga practices, exploring Balinese food at the local Warungs, browsing the markets, and journeying to Ubud, the capital of yoga and the arts, and it's surrounding rice fields - those are just some of the experiences delighting our senses. Questions about one of our past journeys? Send us a note!

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